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Practical help
Practical help

Furon is a helpful tool for every car owner

Furon saves you time when searching for documents related to your payments and MOT. It will help you control the money you spend on fuel and car services. It's also a helpful tool when you decide to sell your car.

Furon for drivers
Furon is an easy access to important information

Furon allows easy access to important information

Insurance confirmations, invoices, receipts - now you can store them all in one place thanks to Furon. You can also create a photo gallery or share performance of your car with your friends.

Furon is an easy access to important information
Save, compare and sell with Furon
Save, compare and sell with Furon

Save, compare and sell with Furon

With Furon you know when, where and the price of fuel to fill up your car. Stats and comparisons will help you save time and money. Furon can also manage multiple car profiles, so you can have an overview of all your outgoings in one place.

Functionalities of Furon

Register all repairs and servicing of your car. Furon is an easy way to keep track of costs, frequency and locations of your car services. Deciding on whether it's profitable to keep or sell your car was never easier.

Keep track of fuel consumption for your car and analyse which fuel works the best for you.

Furon Mobile helps you to locate the nearest fuel station around you. Thanks to search filters you will find your favourite one.

Everyone knows that stressful feeling when looking for documents, especially when they're needed now... With Furon Mobile, they are always with you.

Birthdays, anniversaries - these are the dates you must remember. Those related to servicing your car, leave to Furon to remind you.

Selling a car is a time-consuming experience, when you don't know much about the history of your car. It's much easier with Furon, having all your car details in one place. Furon can also store a photo gallery of your four wheels.

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Is Furon safe?

We take your security very seriously and do our best to keep your details safe. We recommend using unique, hard to guess passwords.

Can I try Furon first?

Sure! Simply create a new account - Furon is completely free. If you're not happy with Furon you can delete your account at any time.

Is there a special version of Furon for businesses?

We are currently working on Furon Premium - a special version of our app with additional functionalities, useful especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Is it free?

Yes, Furon is completely free. We are working on Furon Premium, a special version of our app with additional features, which will be available for a small fee.

Are there any ads in the Furon app?

Adverts help us maintain the infrastructure and develop Furon further, making it even better. Our plan is to create a personalised ad system, tailored to your car profile. It would suggest only relevant services and products, making it a lot more helpful.